Rebreather controller project

This is a new rebreather controller project made by me, Pasi Lassila.
Some of the specifications:

  • CAN bus for sharing data
  • 1-2 O2 cells (option for 3rd cell in this prototype)
  • Magnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope (3D compass) & pressure sensors
  • OLED colour display
  • Bluetooth 4.2 module
  • RGB-led
  • Ambient light sensor for display brightness controll
  • Two buttons for UI controll
  • 0.8 - 5V power input (use any AA sized battery)

One of the main ideas in this and following controllers is using only one O2 cell per controller.  O2 cell data is shared via the CAN bus between the controllers (wrist display, HUD, black box etc.). If the CAN bus goes down (controller cable cut and shorted) every controller still got its dedicated O2 cell. You can check the individual cells from each controller. LED HUD and other controllers will follow.

Share the data, not the cells™

image of pcb & display