Parts & materials


O-rings: (Parker O-ring handbook) (O-ring  basics) (X-rings, Quad-rings part of previous link)

Plastics: (Plastipedia)

Plastics machining guides:


Metals, plastics, pipes, raw materials etc: (Global) (PVC-U pipes, connectors and fittings) (Europe) (source for raw plastics and for +GF+ parts)

Glue for plastics:

Ready made rebreather bits and parts: (Germany) (Germany) (USA) (USA) (CEJN connectors, spares etc.) (USA) (USA) (O2 MAV with integrated needle valve) (Divesoft DSV and BOV models)

Gas connectors: (Global) (look for DN4, DN6, 221, 345 and 348 series) (Global) (look for QC6 DESO series) (Swagelok compatible couplers) (Global) (71 series 1/4" size used in Cis-Lunar)

Electrical connectors:

Needle valves, orifices, solenoids etc.: (Global) (some use SCO 602-M5 and SCO 604-1/8, PDF) (Global) (orifices) (Global) (S series needle valve, 0.032" orifice, PDF) (Global) (VCD-1000 valve) (Global)(SS orifices in many forms) (solenoids, valves, fittings) (solenoid valves) (Norgren KIP solenoid valves) (pneumatic and hydraulic products, DIY P-valve parts) (Global, ruby and sapphire orifices in many forms),%20Metering%20Valves%20&%20Flow%20Controllers%20(FM-1058%20Rev.%200).pdf

Panel meters: (Global) (DPM 1AS-BL used in KISS display)

Fabrics: (USA) (heat sealable nylons, cordura etc.) (reflective tape) (Germany)(good selection of fabrics including heat sealable)

Bellows: (USA) (Germany)

Corrugated hoses:

Cables & glands (they even got glands for multiple cables)

Sensors, oxygen: (Zirconia based miniature sensor)

Sensors, pressure: (miniature, I2C, available at Digikey & Mouser) (used in many rebreather controllers)

Sensort, CO2:

Thread inserts: